Our Services

Our experienced veterinary team offers a wide range of services for your pet. We provide prompt medical and surgical care for sick and injured animals as well as care for those suffering chronic conditions.


Puppy and kitten care to get your pet started off on the right foot. During these visits, we’ll discuss nutrition, vaccine schedule, training, grooming tips, and how to keep your new pet protected against parasites.

Wellness exams will help us keep your pet on a good and healthy schedule throughout their entire life!

Spay & neuter surgery is routine and done early in your pet’s life.

Dental care services are so important! According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show symptoms of oral disease. Dental cleanings are important!

Radiography or x-rays help us diagnose and examine broken bones, obstructions, arthritis, masses, and tumors. We now have digital radiographs!

Lab services are offered in-house and through our partners at Antech.